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Latest technology in class A surface protection and Honey comb structural board.

Laminacorr Ind. Inc. is proud of its recent alliance with Imballaggi Protettivi. This distribution alliance provides Laminacorr Industries the ability to offer the latest in technology in lamination of the Class A surface.  Imballagi Protettivi patented co-extrusion technology consists of three layers: a central thermoformed core, and two flat and compact external skins, thus creating a structural honey comb board which has the property of being equally strong in both directions. This process also brings the lamination for Class A surface to a new level.  Laminacorr along with this great partnership, will be able to provide the North American market a laminated board that offers all the same characteristic of the FluteCorr corrugated plastic AND also the benefit of a none adhesive lamination. This unique process provides them with the ability of in-line lamination, making the Bubble Guard board a fully recyclable product.

Laminacorr will offer its customers plain and laminated board with spun bond material in a one or two sided version.  We will also provide a recycling incentive program that will allow us to take back any scrap at the end of the usable life program. Where at all possible, Laminacorr will bring back the material for reprocessing into Flutecorr product.  

Laminacorr Ind. Inc. with its Green Initiative is only a step away from having the ability to recycle 100 % of all its products manufactured by us.

For future details please contact Laminacorr Industries.




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Laminacorr enters into a distribution agreement with Imballagi Protettivi s.r.l. for North America
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